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We at Southern Cross Trailers in Sydney appreciate how competitive the Tradesman Industry is so at SCT we make sure we design and build trailers that stand out and that will give you the edge in your business. You will leave having a commercially built trailer that you can rely on to never let you down and turn heads as you drive.

What does SCT do differently?

  • SCT use Zinc Anneal steel for all flat sheet on the trailers (others use mild steel)
    • providing you with extremely good rust protection 
  • SCT use antisplatter spray on all trailers
    • this aids in minimising the splatter that is left on the trailer
  • SCT fits (unless requested otherwise) new 5 stud white sunraysia rims and new light truck tyres to all tradesman enclosed trailers
    • provides reassurance that you will not be having tyre trouble whilst traveling and makes the trailer finish look superior.
  • SCT etch primes all trailers
    • MANY other trailer manufacturers DO NOT prime their trailers to save time ( make them cheaper) SCT want our trailers to last so in addition to the zinc sheet we ETCH prime every trailer
  • SCT seals the trailers and fits automotive seals to the recessed door jams
    • This provides extra reassurance that the trailer is as water and dust proof as possible.
  • SCT fit only LED lights to all trailers and we soldier each wire together
    • With a lifetime warranty you never have to worry about blown globes again. They are recessed so you won’t crack the lenses accidently when reversing. "Other" manufacturers clip the wires together (cheaper/faster) but we only clip the number plate light to allow it to be removable. Clips under the trailer can easily be damaged or rattle loose (hence why you see so many trailers with lights not working)
  • SCT fix a shackle on the drawbar to lock your jockey wheel handle in
    • totally eliminates any possibility of the handle breaking off when going over a bump or gutter

The above are just a few areas where SCT differs from other manufacturers. Please drop in and see for yourself how our trailers are built by our team with over 20 years trailer manufacturing experience.


YES you will invest more in a trailer from SCT BUT how much value do you place in your own business? Your trailer is a mobile advertisement for what your business represents. If you are towing a poorly built rusty trailer, would this be the impression you would like to give your prospective clients?

What other companies in our industry charge for their Tradesman/Enclosed  trailers SCT can’t even build them for that! That’s has got to tell you something about our quality of parts and workmanship.
Trust SCT with your business and you won’t be disappointed.