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Tandem Trailers 

Due to a business restructure we are not taking or quoting new jobs until the new financial year.






For heavier loads, you need a heavier trailer that you can trust to carry the weight. Our tandem trailers are built with your precious load in mind. We ensure your load is protected in several ways

  1. Rocker Roller Springs (read more here)

Used as standard for better load dispersion, reducing strain on your suspension, wheels and axles.This unique load sharing system greatly reduces axle steer and improves stability over rough terrain. Driver fatigue is minimised due to smoother handling, safer towing and less wearing parts ensures lower maintenance costs, over a longer period of time. 

  1. New ford sunraysia rims and light truck tyres (including the spare wheel)

It's hard to believe that other companies will use second hand wheels on a trailer that is to be used for heavy precious loads. You can rest easy knowing our trailers come with higher quality wheels

  1. Heavy duty drawbar 100x50 3mm RHS 1500mm long

We aim to over engineer all of our trailers so we can all feel secure that your trailer will stand the tougher test you put it through.

  1. Encased soldered wiring (through the chassis)

We were sick of seeing trailers with lights not working, this is due to the use of clips to join the wiring under the trailers-the bits you don't see. We inpidually solder each wire together and run them through the chassis to ensure no rocks (or dogs) can damage the wiring loom.

  1. LED lights

We refuse to fit the old globe lights to ant of our trailers. Our LED lights have a lifetime warranty and with no globes and brighter LEDS you no longer have to fear that you’ll be driving and the lights will not be seen.

  1. Anti-rattle latches

We have done away with the old P style tailgate handles that can come loose and easily accessed. We fit anti rattle latches to our trailers that secure the tailgate and you can padlock to secure your load.


And SO much more... 

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