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Custom Off Road Trailers Sydney | Off Road Camper Trailer

Due to a business restructure we are not taking or quoting new jobs until the new financial year.

Southern Cross Trailers has become known for its ability to make an off-road trailer that can tackle all terrains.

We can build and design Custom off road camper trailer for you as per your requirements.

Our off-road camper trailers have been put through rigorous testing to ensure that they can handle everything you can throw at them.

4WD Action couldnt believe how well our trailers perform compared to others on the market.


FOR  SALE  $12500 Neg


What does SCT do differently?

  • SCT use Zinc Anneal steel for all flat sheet on the trailers (others use mild steel)
    • Providing you with extremely good rust protection
  • SCT use antisplatter spray on all trailers
    • This aids in minimising the splatter that is left on the trailer
  • SCT uses new  rims and new all terrain tyres on all off road trailers
    • Provides reassurance that you will not be having tyre trouble whilst traveling and makes the trailer finish look superior.
  • SCT will use your own wheels if you have them and they have legal tread left on them
    • This allows you to save some money for extras you may want to add to the trailer and you can match your vehicle
  • SCT etch primes all trailers
    • MANY other trailer manufacturers DO NOT prime their trailers to save time ( make them cheaper) SCT want our trailers to last so in addtion to the zinc sheet we ETCH prime every trailer
  • SCT seals the enclosed off road trailers and fits automotive seals to the recessed door jams
    • This provides extra reassurance that the trailer is as water and dust proof as possible.
  • SCT fit only LED lights to all trailers and we solder each wire together
    • With a lifetime warranty you never have to worry about blown globes again. They are recessed so you wont crack the lenses accidently when reversing. "Other" manufacturers clip the wires together (cheaper/faster) but we only clip the number plate light to allow it to be removable. Clips under the trailer can easily be damaged or rattle loose (hence why you see so many trailers with lights not working)
  • SCT fix a shackle on the drawbar to lock your jockey wheel handle in
    • Totally eliminates any possibility of the handle breaking off when going over a bump or gutter

The above are just a few areas where SCT differs from other manufacturers. Please drop in and see for yourself how our trailers are built by our team with over 20 years trailer manufacturing experience.

YES you will invest more in a trailer from SCT but when you are holidaying thousands of km's away you will be happy you invested well when you pass the abandoned trailers on the side of the road.

"Others" say off road but what they mean is " standard trailer with bigger wheels"

If you truly want to explore this rugged country then drop by and talk to us about your adventure and we can build a trailer to suit.

Trust SCT with your business and you wont be disappointed.


Test Jars...

7 months in water

Mild steel on the left, Zinc Anneal on the right
Others only use the left and we use the right for all sides

Which steel do you want your trailer made from??
The one of the left that the sides will rust and the first stone chip or one that wont? 

Need more convincing? How about our Money Back guarantee???

YES you read right..With over 25 years trailer experience and confidence in what we do we are the only trailer company in Australia to offer the " Highest Quality Trailer Guarantee" If the trailer we build for you isn't, high quality, best value for money trailer anywhere in Australia we will take the trailer back and refund your money! *TCA  

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain by doing business with us as we back ourselves with this guarantee.You can also refer to our Options page for additions for the trailers.


Off Road Trailer Download Specs

This is SCT most popular off-road trailer. It has been tried and tested over and over and never missed a beat. If you are planning to tour Sydney or any city of Australia on corrugated roads, this is your trailer.

The Classic Off-Road Trailer has seen Cape York both ways, tar and track with some of the craziest 4WDers and not even they could break it!


Classic Off Road Available-7x4-7x5 and 8x5
GVM 1400kgs
HEIGHT 21" ribbed sides
FLOOR 2.1mm Checkerplate
CHASSIS 50x50 Full RHS
TIE RAILS All four sides unless toolbox fitted
GUARDS 2.1mm checkerplate
AXLE 45mm square axle 1400kg GVM

ALKO Outback rebound springs 7 leaf


DRAWBAR 1500mm 100x50mm RHS
WHEELS New sunraysia rims and tyres 235/75/R15
GUSSETS Checkerplate front and rear
TRAILER PLUG 7 pin flat plug
BRAKES 9" mechanical brakes ( electric upgrade option)
LIGHTS LED including number plate light
GAS BOTTLE HOLDER 2 x 4.5kg holder
JERRY CAN HOLDER 2 x Jerry can holders
TAILGATE Swing Tailgate
SPARE WHEEL New sunraysia rim and tyre with upright mount
JOCKEY WHEEL 8" Swing away welded on