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Frequently asked questions

Do you register the trailers?
Yes we do on the spot registration for you

Why do you use Zinc Anneal sheeting for your trailers?
We aim to produce the highest quality afforable trailers available and by using Zincanneal sheet we can further prolong the life of your trailer. Zincanneal sheet provides further protection from corrison(similar to galvanised sheeting) but has the added advantage that the flat finish provides a great bonding surface for paint. We still primed ALL trailers so you have a triple protection system from rust.
1. Zincanneal sheet
2. Fully primed
3. Two coats of a hammertone finish is applied

Will my trailer rust?

Any metal object subjected to the harsh weather conditions will rust. If you scratch your trailer and leave bare metal exposed the chance of rust is inevitable. All points of heavy use such as door hinges are the first to show signs of surface rust as the constant opening of the doors wears the paint away and is unavoidable. Most colours we use are available at your local hardware store in spray can form and it is advised that you ?touch up? any areas that become worn. You can also bring a tin in ad we will happlily supply a small amoutn for "touch ups".
Another option is galvanising your trailer although an expensive option your trailer will live longer than its buyer and holds value for future resale.
Our new zincanneal sheeting will provide furher protection for you against corrosion.

What can I do to stop my trailer rusting?
Storing your trailer undercover at all times can prolong the aging process. However this is not always possible. We always suggest purchasing a jockey wheel and have the jockey wheel wound to its highest position to allow water drainage at the end of the trailer. The purchase of ?touch up? paint is advisable to apply to any area that becomes worn or scratched.

How long will it take to manufacturer trailer?
Usually the time frame we allocate is 3 weeks, if not in stock. This is dependent upon current orders already waiting completion. At times the wait for a custom built job can be 6-8 weeks.

Why don't you have any prices listed on your website?
Most of our trailers are custom built and we welcome the opportunity to go through your requirements and develop an appropriate package to suit your needs and budget.

What payment options are available?
We accept cash, EFTPOS, Internet transfer (with proof of remittance), VISA/MasterCard (2% surcharge applies).

Do you freight interstate?
At this stage we do not have regular deliveries interstate. We are more than willing to drop the trailer to our nearest depot if you can arrange your own freight company. We are working on getting the best freight deals for you and should be able to freight interstate shortly.

Do you offer a warranty?
We offer a full 12 month warranty on workmanship of our products.

Can you add to my existing trailer?
Yes we can add to your existing trailer even if it was purchased elsewhere.