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Camp In Customised Off Road Camper Trailers in Sydney

Are you a camping fan? Do you want to experience the adventure of camping? Off-road camping and rooftop camping are wonderful ways of creating some beautiful memories. Each roof top tent camper trailer we supply are ready made for you to fit your open rooftop tent or we can source and fit for you. To be able to handle the off road tracks you must ensure you have the appropriate off road rooftop camper trailer. Southern Cross Trailers have been building off road Camper trailers for 25 years and know what is required to get you there and back with no dramas.

You can also buy our off road camper trailers in Sydney. They are designed to suit your camping needs and are affordable. Their unique design can be customised for your needs. They are rigorously tested to make sure that they will with stand extremes of conditions and situations.

Whether you want a roof top tent camper trailer or off road camper trailers in Sydney, we have something to offer you, something perfect for your needs. Southern cross trailers are a premium manufacturer of the best quality trailers across Australia. So, whatever camper trailers you need, we are your one-stop shop.

We guarantee the quality and the comfort of the trailers, so you don’t have anything to lose. Southern cross trailers have experience over five decades and our expertise will leave you satisfied with a wonderful camping experience. So, camp in style.