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Aren't All Trailer Builders the Same??

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Test Jars... 7 months in water

Mild steel on the left, Zinc Anneal on the right
Others only use the left and we use the right for all sides

Which steel do you want your trailer made from??
The one of the left that the sides will rust and the first stone chip or one that wont? 

Need more convincing? How about our Money Back guarantee???


YES you read right..With over 25 years trailer experience and confidence in what we do we are the only trailer company in Australia to offer the " Highest Quality Trailer Guarantee" If the trailer we build for you isn't, high quality, best value for money trailer anywhere in Australia we will take the trailer back and refund your money! *TCA 


You have nothing to lose but every thing to gain by doing business with us as we back ourselves with this guarantee.


Nobody wants this....





   2018 Commerical Box Trailer Price List


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Commercial Box Trailer Prices click HERE


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Closed 1st Saturday of the month

Sorry for any inconvenience

Being a small family run business we take one weekend off a month to stay sane :)
At Southern Cross Trailers we manufacture a large range of  quality trailers built to suit your needs and your budget.

We do not build "cheap" trailers if this is what you require then we will not be able to assist you. We use the highest quality components on our trailers to build quality commerical trailers.

Box Trailers, Off Road Trailers, Lawn Mowing Trailers, Enclosed Tradesman Trailers, 4WD Camper Trailers.
You will have over 25 years of experience and expertise to work on any custom idea you have in mind
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